The Sportsman’s Hall Story

Mr. “Harry” as everyone knew him by, was born in Baltimore, December 18, 1919. He grew up in Baltimore and as a young man, took over his grandfather’s farm in Upperco and set up a huckstering route in Baltimore City, selling eggs, and farm produce from a truck.

An avid Roller Skater, Harry was a member of the Baltimore Bees Roller Hockey Team in the 40’s and 50’s. He dreamed of owning and operating his own Roller Rink, and that dream was realized in May of 1959, when he built and opened the “Sportsman’s Hall Roller Skating Club” at its present location in Upperco, Maryland. The original building featured a then state of the art Maple hardwood floating floor, and the arched wooded roof was constructed to provide superb acoustics.

Harry Watson Morfoot
December 18, 1919 – December 31, 1998

On Father’s Day of 1992, the original building burned down due to arson. The property remained vacant until Mr. Harry decided to reconstruct the Rink back on its original footprint. The new and current building re-opened in December of 1997, and has been in operation ever since, with its new Maple Hardwood Floor. Mr. Harry passed away on New Year’s Eve in 1998, but his dream lives on. His motto was “Sportsman’s Hall is Maryland’s Friendliest Rink,” and all that knew him, will always agree.  The building was sold by the Morfoot family. It was then owned by Roller Rock, LLC. Management for 10 years. Coppermine now owns and operates Sportsmans Hall Roller Skating Rink.


15500 Hanover Pike – Upperco, Maryland 21155